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By entering the website (hereinafter the “Website”) every user (hereinafter the ”User”) agrees to all of the terms and conditions (hereinafter the “T&C”) as set out below.

 All enclosed representation or statement shall not be construed as the official position of any international organization. 


1. Corporate identification and hosting 

  1.1 Editor 

European Satellite Services Provider S.A.S. (‘Société par Actions Simplifiée’) (hereinafter «ESSP»)

3, rue Tarfaya - CS 84432

31405 Toulouse Cedex 4 – France 

Registered in RCS Toulouse under number 508 275 286, having its share capital equal to EUR 999.996, 00 with VAT number FR 32 508 275 286, and represented by Charlotte Neyret, President-CEO. 

Phone: +33 5 32 26 21 00 


For any communication related to the Website: 

User Support European Satellite Services Provider S.A.S

ATC Center Madrid

Carretera de la base Km 0,8 28850 TORREJON DE ARDOZ, Madrid – SPAIN 


  1.2 Hosting 


C/ Isaac Newton 11, PTM Tres Cantos 

28760 Madrid - SPAIN


2. Intellectual Property Rights

The Website is managed by ESSP on behalf of the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (hereinafter the “EUSPA”) which is the owner of the Website’s intellectual property rights.

The Website contains software programs, photos, pictures, graphics, interfaces, written content, videos which are fully owned by ESSP or which ESSP has been authorized to use. They shall not be used, copied, distributed or modified, on whatever form, without the prior and written authorization of ESSP.

 ESSP and its logo is a registered trademark. European Union and EUSPA logos are also registered trademark. They shall not be used, copied, distributed or modified, on whatever form, without the prior written authorization of their owner. The User is only granted with a right of digital display of such trademarks on the Website.

 Inserting any URL or hyperlink towards all or part of the Website requires prior written authorization of ESSP and shall come with the commitment of an absence of any adverse effect in any manner whatsoever on ESSP, EUSPA, European Union and ESSP suppliers, corporate image including, but not limited to, offense, xenophobic, racist, hateful, defamatory, revisionist, pornographic, pedophile, lewd conduct, political, proselyte content or prod for terrorism, crime, suicide and their apology or proposal to trade. 


3. Cookies 

Cookies are pieces of text generated by the web services that a user has visited; these text files can be set on the users’ devices by the website they are currently visiting (“first party cookies”) or by a different website to the one they are currently visiting (“third party cookies”). 

For more information on the types of cookies used by the Website, their purpose as well as for information on the choice to accept (“opt-in”) or refuse the placement of cookies, please read our cookies policy ( 


4. Website private access 

Some parts of the Website are only accessible after registration and require entering a login and password to access. The terms of use of such private parts of the Website are accessible upon registration and acceptance of the T&C. 

The User is already aware that the User is the sole responsible for the safe conservation of these access details and ESSP, EUSPA and the European Union disclaim any liability related to their loss, use or misuse and that ESSP will be entitled to suspend or delete the User’s account if the User does not respect the terms of use of the relevant service or any law or regulation in force.


 5. Disclaimer 

All the data and information (hereinafter the “Data”) provided within the Website are for informational purpose only. 

ESSP, the EUSPA and the European Union disclaim all warranties of any kind (whether express or implied) to any party and/or for any use of the Data including, but not limited to, their accuracy, integrity, reliability and fitness for a particular purpose or user requirements. ESSP, the EUSPA and the European Union shall not be liable for any lost profits, lost revenues, loss of goodwill, loss of anticipated savings, loss of customers, loss of data or, interference with the business or for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with this website. 

EGNOS is a complex technical system and the users have certain obligations to exercise due care in using the EGNOS services. Before using any EGNOS service, all users should study the corresponding EGNOS Service Definition Document (available on ) in order to understand if and how they can use the service, as well as to familiarize themselves with the performance level and other aspects of the service they can rely on, such as the specific associated disclaimer and terms of use. 

This Website may contain links towards other websites, such as those of our partners. ESSP, the EUSPA and the European Union are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those other websites. 

The User is aware of inherent technical risks and difficulties of Internet and IT systems which are not related to ESSP, the EUSPA or the European Union and that may lead to: 

- Impossibility to access the Website, access slow-down, software or hardware incompatibilities;

 - Loss, misappropriation, contamination of data in particular due to virus or Trojans. ESSP, the EUSPA or the European Union may not be held liable for such risks and difficulties and their consequences for the User. 


6. Suspension or interruption of the Website

 ESSP is entitled to suspend, interrupt or modify all or part, of the Website, temporally or not, without prior notification and without any liability. 

In case of definitive interruption, Website users shall erase any copy of the Website or Website content they have. 


7. Modification and evolution of the T&C The present T&C shall be subject to modification or evolution at any moment and without any notice. 

Any change of the T&C shall be fully in force and applicable to all Users as soon as the new T&C will be accessible on the Website. Thus the Users are advised to regularly access the T&C in order to be aware of the last updates. 


8. Governing law; Dispute 

These T&C shall be construed and governed under European Union law, complemented, where necessary, by the law of Belgium.

The General Court of the European Union shall have jurisdiction to hear all disputes arising out of or in connection with these T&C, with the exception of disputes in connection with the protection of personal data for which the Court of Justice of the European Union shall have jurisdiction.